QuickBeat Human Drummer V1
Free Drum Machine Demo & Download by Jim Lee

See below for QuickBeat full-version. Click here for a blues drums version.

How to save the free drum machine demo to your computer

  • Windows: right-click on the "qb_demo.swf" link below and select "Save Target as"
  • Mac: click-and-hold on the "qb_demo.swf" link below and select "Download Link to Disk"

NOTE: You'll need the free Flash player to use the QuickBeat Drum Machine.
If you don't see the demo above, get Flash here

Why get the Full Version?
  • It has much more beats than the demo
  • It features better audio quality
  • You can download it Now
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Jimmy Jamming on the Drums!
Software that's Better than Other Drum Machines
Playing along with a drummer is one of the fastest ways to build your musical skills. Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, or any other musician (yes, even a drummer), the QuickBeat Human Drummer V1 is the PERFECT PRACTICE TOOL. Non-technical, simple to use... and unlike other drum machines, it features actual recorded drum loops played by real drummers. Spend your time playing with drums, not programming beats!
  • Easy to Use
  • Real Drums Played by Pro Drummers
  • No Tempo change, No MIDI, No Import/Export
  • No Beat Sequencing or Programming Required
  • Helps You Jam Better and Improve Your Musical Skills
The Quick Beat Drum Machine
Real Drummer, Real Drums, Real Beats...
It's a fact, the QuickBeat Human Drummer V1 drum machine is unique. Why? Simple, it's very easy to use, you don't have to program any beats, and it features real grooves recorded in a studio by super drummers.

In the past, you had to pay $200 or so to buy a drum machine to practice with, but they were so frustrating that most of the time they just sat there, unused and gathering dust. The drum machines were hard to operate (high learning curve) and produced very mechanical-sounding beats...probably why they were called drum MACHINES. Also, unless you were a drummer, most people would have a difficult time programming in funky drum beats. Nonetheless, the drum machine was a great concept, because you couldn't always have a drummer on hand to play with, and it allowed you to jam at 2AM in the morning...pretty cool!

CD-ROM or Download, you choose...
QuickBeat Drum Machine
You can download this product RIGHT NOW for less than $30...did I mention that most drum machines cost around $200?! As a practice tool, the QuickBeat Human Drummer V1 is better than any mechanical-sounding drum machine. Play along with a mechanical beat and you'll sound like a robot....if you want to groove, you should practice with the Human Drummer.

  • Features 12 Styles: Rock, Country, Blues, Folk, Hip Hop, Metal, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Dance Punk, and Jazz
  • Over 100 drum beats played by real drummers
  • Easy to use, spend more time having fun
  • This product works with Windows & Mac
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