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The BluesKat Drum Machine Software!

Praise: "Impressive product from a music genius power seller. Highly recommended A+++!"

Jam with a Blues Drummer Right Now

Playing with a drummer is one of the fastest ways to build your musical skills, plus it's fun. BluesKat will allow you to jam with a drummer whenever you want. Non-technical & simple to use. Spend your time jamming, not programming beats.

  • Jam & Develop Your Musical Skills
  • Variety of Blues Beats at Preset Tempos
  • Real Drums Played by Groovy Blues Drummers
  • No Programming, Super Simple & Fun to Use
  • You can download BluesKat right now

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to get really good is by playing with a drummer. The BluesKat drum machine is the next best thing to a real drummer!

Testimony: "Hi Jimmy, I just bought the drum machine. I love it. Perfect. You're amazing!" Kevin

A Fun Way to Play Better

BluesKat is unique. It's very easy to use, you don't have to program any beats. Just click-n-jam. In the past, you had to pay $200 for a drum machine to practice with... but, they were so frustrating that most of the time they just sat there, unused & gathering dust. The drum machines were hard to operate, had a high learning curve, and they produced very mechanical-sounding beats. Nonetheless, the drum machine was a great concept, because you couldn't always find a drummer to jam with at 2AM in the morning.

Download BluesKat

You can download this product RIGHT NOW for less than $30... did I mention that most drum machines cost around $200?! BluesKat is super simple and it's fun to use. Download is designed for beginner computer users.

  • 100+ drum beats at various preset tempos
  • Beats played by real blues drummers
  • Simple to use, spend more time practicing
  • This product works with Windows & Mac
  • Costs less than one music lesson
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Message from Jim Lee, creator of BluesKat: Hi, I'd like to thank you for your time in considering this product. As a fellow musician, I have used my experience to develop practical solutions to problems that I've encountered. My products seek to help the musician focus more on music than on theory. Thanks for supporting a non-corporate product made by a musician! Sincerely, Jimmy Lee

Designed for Mac & Windows computers.

*If you're not convinced about the coolness of the BluesKat drum machine, maybe you should listen to some of the sample beats or check-out this commercial.

Download BluesKat Now

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